Thursday 25th November  1.15pm - 2.15pm

Walk-a-thon sponsorship forms were given to students on Wednesday 3rd November.  What a great fundraiser this will be!! Students are to be dressed in their house colours:

Armstrong—GREEN, Doveton—BLUE, Clarendon—RED

The course will be:  Heading west along Macarthur Street, turn left into Doveton Street, along Doveton Street in the west side gate, around the oval, turn left at the Armstrong side gate and back into Macarthur Street.  Staff will be posted at each corner and staff will walk with the students to make sure that everyone stays safe. Classes will start building up stamina by walking around the oval at school in the coming weeks. How much fun will this be? Everybody will dress in their sports team colours. Parents may cheer from their cars as we go past.  Prizes will be awarded to the child who raises the most money and the child who walked the most laps in each grade.