Student Wellbeing and Safety

Mr Goodson - Child Safety Champion

As part of our ensuring our school continues to prioritise student
wellbeing and safety, we have appointed a Child Safety Champion. This
is Mr Goodson. We already know that he is a champion at so many
things including running, teaching, building and maths. Well, he is also a
champion for students. We want our students to have as many people as
they can to discuss worries and concerns with students may talk to their
classroom teachers, myself as the principal or Mr Goodson Child Safety
Champion. A Child Safety Champion promotes child safety and
wellbeing, a culture of listening to students and families and acting on
their child safety concerns.

Mrs Seff

We also have an amazing Wellbeing Leader. Her name is Mrs
Seth. Mrs Seth has the nicest smile and warm welcoming nature.
She is easily approachable for students and families. Please let her
know too if you or your child has a concern. We do not have all the
answers but will try our best to make sure everyone is supported as
best we can. A Wellbeing Leader leads the staff in robust
conversations and professional learning in evidence-based
wellbeing and engagement programs such as Respectful
Relationships and School Wide Positive Learning Behaviours.

So please make sure you reach out to someone and encourage
your child to reach out to one of us if the need arises.