Student engagement and wellbeing

The learning our students undertake is targeted at their point of need and based on the Victorian Curriculum. Our staff continually refine their skills through ongoing professional learning. A lot of the learning students are involved in creates “hooks” that keep them engaged and motivated to improve their skills and knowledge.

Our school provides additional experiences to further engage students at school. Cooking and Breakfast Club are examples of this. In consultation with teaching staff, one of our Education Support staff has been working with small groups of students to assist them with aspects of their academic and social learning to enhance their engagement and wellbeing.

An additional aspect to our Student Engagement and Wellbeing program is our school cat, Dotti. Dotti has joined us in the classroom and is providing a gentle, calm environment for our students. Dotti loves to be patted by the students and then wanders off for a sleep in the afternoons.

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