JSC at the GRIP Leadership conference

Across the day, the students worked through a booklet that supported their personal ‘people pathway’.


The FIRST DESTINATION on the people pathway is developing a leaders own character. The is done using CORE character traits:

  • Confidence with humility
  • Others focused
  • Reliability
  • Empathy

The SECOND DESTINATION is making a contribution to the team. The students delved into their strengths, how they can contribute the necessary tasks, a sense of enjoyment and how they can help others.

The THIRD DESTINATION is how our team influences the culture of the school. The destination helped the leaders to determine how they can make a difference to the culture of learning, new friendships and school spirit.

The FOURTH DESTINATION is how our school makes a difference to a cause in society. We can make a difference by:

  1. Choosing a cause with a connection
  2. Finding ways for students to work together in collaboration
  3. Continuing to focus on the project with concentration.

Each student developed a personal plan for their own people pathway at the end of the conference.

Rory said:

The most favourite part was the videos. There were four words and videos.



Second last was RELIABILITY and last was EMPATHY.

We had to write all four words on a page in the booklet which was called ‘Movie clip quiz’. It was so fun.

It said ‘clip1’; I voted reliability. In clip2 I wrote others focused and in clip3 I wrote empathy. Last of all, I wrote confidence with humility. So that is why that was my favourite part.

Maddie wrote:

The best part was the music, it was funny.

Susitha wrote:

My favourite part of the GRIP Leadership Conference was when we did ‘hot or cold’, Kira was chosen to do that game on the stage. It was fun. I learnt that people can listen to others by looking at them.