Heritage Weekend

At the end of this month Macarthur Street Primary School will turn 141 years old – what an amazing amount of change has happened in that time.

In 1878 the newly opened Macarthur Street Primary School had open fires, candles and lanterns, slate boards and pencils, pens with ink in which to dip, hopscotch and skipping were in vogue and the teaching and learning of the time was strict and prescribed.

Opening our doors over the Heritage Weekend enables members of the community to see what happens 141 years after the opening of the school – cutting edge teaching and learning environments in a beautiful imposing building of the 1800s.

Tours will be conducted on the hour from 11am to 2pm and refreshments will be available. A range of historical artefacts will on display in the Conference Room. It will be a celebration of the history of our school and the positive future directions it has.

For more information on Ballarat Heritage Weekend please visit https://ballaratheritageweekend.com/