Junior School Council

In 2019, we have 11 members of the Junior School Council (JSC). The JSC is made up of two Year 6, three Year 5 and 6 Year 4 students.

We plan to run a minimum of two events each term, here are our current projects:

Term 2 projects
Sausage Sizzle
The last day of Term 2 is a great day to celebrate all of our hard work with a sausage sizzle. The JSC will be running the sizzle to raise funds for the school.

PJ/Onesie Day
We celebrated the cooler weather with a PJ/Onesie day in June. Students were asked to rug up in their sleepwear and enjoy a biscuit and Milo. 

Crazy Hair Day
One of our generous staff decided to donate her hair and allow the cutting off of her hair to be a public event to raise money for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute. The Institute very kindly gave us balloons, wrist bands, donation tins and much more to help us create a fun-filled charity day at school.
We invited other Ballarat schools to join in on the day to have a Ballarat Crazy Hair Day where all proceeds are donated to the Institute to help Ballarat people support their research. We had seven other schools on board with us.

Here is a link to our fund raising page on the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute page.

Term 1 projects

Shower bags for the Shower Bus:
We have been collecting items that can be packed into a shower bag and donated to the Shower Bus. A major component of this project is to sell Quelch Icy Sticks to raise extra funds to purchase toiletries and other items.

The JSC members have commenced packing bags to be donated to the Ballarat Shower Bus.

Easter Hat Day
The JSC are planning an Easter Hat Day in the final week of the term. Students will be asked to dress up in their finest Easter-themed hat and donate a gold coin.