Recent News

Construction site in the playground

The students have been busy with their own construction in the playground. Using timber to make a mould, mud brick manufacturing has been in full-swing. Here is the finished wall.

Construction at school

We have scaffolding at one end of the school while the first part of the roof is being replaced. The builders are on site and have commenced work.Updated photos will be posted regularly.For more photos, click on READ MORE.

We are back at school for 2020

It's week 3 and we have been hard at work. Japanese classes started on the first day of school while Art started in week 2. The students have been learning to understand and say simple phrases in Japanese. In Art the students have been working on patterns and colour.

New Roof

The School Council has been liaising with the Department of Education and the Victorian School Building Authority over a long period of time to have the school’s roof replaced. SPACES Design, contracted by the VSBA, have been designated as the project managers for this significant undertaking.  

Remembrance Day & Shrine Excursion

Selected senior students travelled to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne today to conduct the school’s annual service on behalf of the 2nd 8th Battalion Association. The Battalion was formed in Ballarat during World War 2 with many of its men being previous students of our school.  

Halloween Fair

What an outstanding event! This year’s Halloween Fair was hugely successful with an estimated crowd of 900 people visiting our school to enjoy the trick or treating, dressing up, stalls, sports, food, drinks, community services, and carnival attractions that were on offer.

Robin of Sherwood

The reviews are out and it was officially one of the ‘best concerts ever!’ What an amazing night of talent! It is so heart-warming to see everything come together on the stage. Such an event is not possible without a team of motivated people to drive it led by Mrs Seff.      

Tree planting

Today all students had the opportunity to be involved with planting our new boundary trees. The pittosporums will line the western side of the oval along Doveton Street North and they will be hedged in a similar fashion to the ones at the back of the library.