Recent News

Halloween Fair Thursday 31st October

Dress up and 'Trick or Treat' at the Macarthur Street Primary School Halloween Fair. We have lots of market stalls, fun family activities, games, food & drinks. 4:30pm-7:30pm Thursday 31st October. Come along and join the local community at our annual Fair.

Footy Colours Day

Thank you to the JSC for their organisation of the Sports Colours Day. It was lovely to see so many students sporting their team colours from all different codes.  

Robin of Sherwood

The reviews are out and it was officially one of the ‘best concerts ever!’ What an amazing night of talent! It is so heart-warming to see everything come together on the stage. Such an event is not possible without a team of motivated people to drive it led by Mrs Seff.      

Book Week celebrations

We finished off our Book Week celebrations today with a dress up day in which students and staff came as their favourite book character. Our morning parade revealed an amazing array of book characters from Superman and Harry Potter to Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  

Tree planting

Today all students had the opportunity to be involved with planting our new boundary trees. The pittosporums will line the western side of the oval along Doveton Street North and they will be hedged in a similar fashion to the ones at the back of the library.  

2020 Enrolments

We are experiencing the usual interest from the school community as parents go about the important task of selecting a school for their children who are beginning in Prep in 2020.      

School Mural

Our amazing school mural has recently been completed by Travis Price. Some of our grade 6 students were very fortunate to be able to assist Travis and Renee. The mural highlights our school name with many depictions of our school and its historical relationships with Ballarat featuring.

Reading at home

Reading at home every day has always been an expectation schools have   because it supports the notion of regular practice leads to improvement. Students should read every night in addition to the reading instruction and practice they are provided every school day.